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Post by: admin - December 11, 2014
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The winner of the Certificate of Excellence Award in 2013, Puzzling World is a unique attraction that has been entertaining visitors of all ages for over 40 years with their intriguing and unconventional puzzle centre, illusion rooms, 3D maze and the likes. Holding the title of the most photographed attraction in New Zealand, it witnesses 180 000 visitors per year. To control the movement of visitors and ensure security, they required an access control solution that was safe and easy to use.

They chose the Sentinel F90 Swing Gate from Rotech as it has cushion soft safety and an anti-bump feature. So if there is any resistance while it is in operation, the gate stops for a pre-set time period. Since a majority of the visitors are little children, this was a very important feature for Puzzling World; as this swing gate is easily stopped even by little children, disabled, and elderly people, eliminating any chances of gate accidents.

Also considering how busy the amusement park gets, especially during the vacations, they needed something to allow rapid access. So the fast opening speed of 1.5 seconds of the F90 was definitely an advantage. The PLC controls enable easy connection to any access control system, ensuring optimum security.

Two F90 swing gates were placed at the entrance of the 7 acre amusement park and were integrated with a barcode reader. The entrance tickets purchased by the visitors included a specific barcode. The visitors were required to swipe their tickets at the barcode reader and once approved, it unlocked the swing gates, providing access into the park.

One swing gate was also placed at the exit of the amusement park. This did not require any ticket scanning; it is operated by an infrared beam across the walkway, which is broken once people walk past and that opens the gate, offering free exit.

During an emergency or power failure, these gates will freewheel allowing rapid exit for everyone inside. Made of stainless steel, the F90 swing gate is extremely strong and durable. It is the perfect solution for pedestrian and wheelchair access, providing high standards of safety as well as security, and it also does not incur high maintenance costs.

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